Quinnell House

Living with Us

Local GP

The Local GP surgery hold clinics at the home twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays ensuring residents are reviewed on a regular basis. The GP is happy to meet with family members and hear any concerns they may have about their loved one. The community nursing team support us by providing assistance when deemed necessary.

Social Activities

A full social activities calendar is encouraged, we have our own on-site ‘Cafe’, Wi-Fi, tranquil gardens and a relaxing lounge area. Rooms are en-suite; some with access to the gardens.

There are clear benefits for residents in maintaining hobbies and leading as active a lifestyle as possible. Our dedicated Activities Co-Ordinators plan a wide range of in-house hobbies, events and activities that can be enjoyed by everyone, including crafts, reminiscence, gardening, games and sing-along.

We also have an iPad and a laptop for the residents to have the tactile experience of computer technology and to communicate with their friends and family via Skype. We also have the benefit of a Light Sensory Room, and a hair salon with stylist.

Moving In

All families worry about their loved ones moving into a care home and how they will settle. To help this process Quinnell House are happy for residents to bring their furniture & possessions. We are happy to hang their pictures and photos.

By finding out as much as we can about your loved one (with both their help and yours) we can plan every aspect of their care so that it is perfectly tailored to them. We use the Alzheimer’s societies ‘This is me’ booklet to help us build a full picture of your loved one.

Catering & Dining

A fully qualified chef prepares all meals in the fully equipped kitchen, paying special attention to nutritional values and presentation. The focus is on wholesome, home-cooked food and we aim to take resident’s individual needs, tastes, and special diets into consideration.

We pride ourselves on our texture modified meals (meals that are moist, soft, or puree), ensuring that visual appeal and presentation is as important as taste.

Residents can choose between taking their meals in the dining room or in their own rooms. Friends and families are welcome to dine with us.

In addition to breakfast, lunch and supper, hot and cold drinks and a range of snacks are available throughout the day. We also ensure a selection of “finger food” options as studies show that people with a diagnosis of dementia often require assistance with feeding but by providing finger foods we empower the resident to maintain their own independence.

Quality Assurance

We welcome the views of our residents, their families and friends about our services. We hold regular meetings so that they have the opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns or compliments, and give us feedback.

The Team also carry out regular Quality Assurance Audits to ensure that standards are maintained. We also ask relatives, residents and employee’s to complete Short Quality Surveys to aid us in improving standards.